Happy 35th Birthday, Levi Frady

If 11-year-old Levi Frady of Forsyth County, Georgia had not been murdered on Oct. 22, 1997, today would have been his 35th birthday. Maybe his children would have given him breakfast in bed. Maybe his wife would have baked him a cake. Or, maybe, he would have taken his children and their cousins fishing or to play in the same creek where he once played. Instead of candles and presents, there is only a cold case. A killer lingers free. But, so does hope.

New GBI Director, Vic Reynolds, was asked today by LeviFrady.com if he would consider doing two things:

1) Assign new agents to the Frady case.

2) Open an investigation into why it took the agency 7 years to complete and release to the public a timeline in Levi Frady’s murder.

“Let thy faith be stronger than thy fear.” Hebrews 13:6.

GBI Director, Vic Reynolds

Today also marks the 5th anniversary of launching LeviFrady.com. To date, LeviFrady.com pages have been viewed more than 257,000 times by nearly 74,000 people.

Consider these 8 facts about the Frady cold case: 

  • A high ranking Georgia law enforcement official disclosed to LeviFrady.com that an $88,000 drug debt had not been paid by people who may have been close to Levi Frady.
  • Under the leadership of GBI Director, Vernon Keenan, the agency failed to explain why it took seven years to make public a timeline of events in Levi Frady’s murder. GBI Withholds Murdered Boy’s Timeline for Seven Years
  • Once released, GBI’s timeline shows Levi’s grandfather found the boy’s bicycle and took it back to Levi’s mother house. GBI Timeline Confirms Murdered Boy’s Bicycle Was Moved By Family Members.
  • All fingerprints were wiped clean from the bicycle Levi was allegedly riding when he was allegedly abducted, according to Forsyth law enforcement.
  • No one saw Levi Frady be abducted. Quote from former Georgia House Rep. Kevin Tanner
  • The evening Levi went missing, his mother, Marilyn Burruss-Parkman-Frady told authorities she took a bath and fell asleep. Revisiting Levi’s Last Day
  • The morning after Levi went missing, his father, Milton Frady, called home to check on his chlildren. Laci Frady, Levi’s twin sister, answered the phone and told him Levi was in the shower. Note: the Frady’s divorced in February 1989, when Levi and Laci were 3-years-old, with Marilyn receiving full custody. Revisiting Levi’s Last Day
  • Former Forsyth Sheriff, Denny Hendrix, wrote in confidential documents obtained by LeviFrady.com, that he believes a crime was committed in his jurisdiction—an indication that Frady may have been dead before he was taken to Dawson Forest in Dawson County. Former Sheriff Believes Crime Occurred in His Jurisdiction

Professional age progression photo of Levi Frady. ©levifrady.com 2016-2023.

Age progression picture of Levi Frady

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8 thoughts on “Happy 35th Birthday, Levi Frady

  1. I thought and have thought for years & years that Gary Michael Hilton admitted to killing Levi? Why is this case not solved already? I lived right down the road (Dawsonville Hwy) when He was killed & remember being terrified to even walk to our bus stop which was a pretty good ways from where we lived. But I really thought He confessed when He was arrested. Can someone tell Me what happened with that?


  2. Here are some of the names of the 18 adults involved in the murder of Levi Frady: Marilyn Parker, Milton Frady, Fred Rogers, Roger Nance, Raymond Duncan, John Uccelini, Doug McRae, Tommy Samples, Eric Rudolph, Charles Bettis, Doug McRae, Matt McRae, Murle McRae, Zell Miller, Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Joey Davis, Jeff Livingston, Tim Duncan, Kevin Duncan and the man seen going door to door and listed as a suspect is a former Electrolux branch manager whom was searching for a street number which did not exist and witnessed the abduction of Levi.


  3. Very interesting reading. The way this story was written makes it feel like you were in the middle of it. The account of this story takes me back to a time when Forsyth was completely different than the way things are now. Violent crime in Dawson and Forsyth counties are still low compared to surrounding counties I lived in Forsyth county for sixty years before moving to Jacksonville N.C. last year to be closer to my daughter. Enough good memories to last me the rest of my life.


  4. I am from Canada ,
    But I was the same age Levi was when he was killed.
    I keep checking back to see if there have been any updates…
    This case makes me feel nauseous and I really think his family know more than what they’ve said.

    I pray Levi sees justice. Thank you for all your hard work with this website and keeping his name out there.


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