Former sheriff believes crime occurred in his jurisdiction

While the family of 11-year-old Levi Frady sadly mark the 20th Christmas without him, the former Forsyth County sheriff investigating the 1997 case said he believes the crime was committed in his jurisdiction.

Milton %22Buddy%22 Nix
Under the leadership of Milton “Buddy” Nix, it took GBI seven years to produce a timeline in the boy’s murder

“Until somebody can produce evidence to the contrary, I do believe a crime occurred in this county,” wrote Forsyth County Sheriff Denny Hendrix in a confidential letter to GBI Director Buddy Nix on Sept. 2, 1998. 

It took the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seven years to produce a timeline in Levi Frady’s murder.

The child’s body was found face-up in a rain-filled pit in Dawson Forest, approximately 19 miles and one county away from his Forsyth County home. He had been shot three times, according to authorities. The child went missing Oct. 22, 1997 while allegedly riding his red bicycle. Law enforcement pursued the case as an abduction, yet no one saw him being abducted, according to former Dawson County Deputy, Kevin Tanner, who currently serves in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Dawson County authorities continue to have jurisdiction in the case. It’s status: “open and active,” which prevents family and the public from gaining access to investigative records.

People have been silent too long.

levi pic for go fund me
Age progression of Levi Frady, age 30

Photo credit — Cover photo, former Forsyth County Sheriff Denny Hendrix, Forsyth County News, May 12, 2010

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10 thoughts on “Former sheriff believes crime occurred in his jurisdiction

  1. The filicide related murder of Levi Frady did in fact occur in Forsyth County. He was abducted from his mothers home by his dad Milton, Craig Menear, Doug McRae and Danny Hughes before being taken to McDonalds to enjoy his favorite meal which was a quarter pounder, fries and a coke before being dumped off at Marshsl Tallants home where my brother Fred and others engaged in the torture. His mother Marilyn has admitted to everything from wiping down his bicycle and staging the abduction scene. So he was murdered near Marshsl Tallants home in Forsyth Coubty and his body was dumped in Dawson County by my brother Fred and Eric Rudolph.


  2. I know EXACTLY who killed my cousin. And I’m not to happy that this billboard and website are up. My whole family knows who did it but the idiots who worked the case 20 years ago just didn’t want to see it. It’s time the truth comes out and it’s time to finally let Levi rest!


    1. Funny how you all KNOW who killed Levi but no one will name names, not even anonymously. Very suspicious. The kid called 911 more than once. My guess is that whoever was involved with his murder and cover up is someone he knew very well. Someone who was supposed to love and protect him!!

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    2. Also.. Odd that the family is so irritated that people are trying to out the killer of Levi. What is wrong with you people!!!!! I bet Levi’s “mom” is the maddest of all!


    1. Because Zell Miller, Eric Rudolph and Hunter Biden were involved. It’s part of my investigations regarding my older brother and the Finders Cult whom operated under the guise of a white supremacy domestic terrorist organization under titles like Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord, Aryan Republican Army, The Order and The Army of God but in fact are tied to Jewish bankers Ian Maxwell, Arthur Blank, Heff Epstein because Milton Frady and Marilyn Parkman were also involved in their sons murder right along with John Ramsey and Bernie Marcus and many others responsible for the Oakland Coubty Child Murders, Alohabet, Charlie Chop-off, West Memphis Three and Jonbenet Ramsey.
      I have over 5 hours of recorded conversations with one of their perpetrators in Levi’s murder and he also is John Doe No 2 of the Oklahoma City bombing and yes some members of local law enforcement were involved in Levi’s death and apparently Randy Thompson had some type of knowledge in his death but probably not involved but Sgt Glenn Turber was a homicide suspect when he was murdered allegedly by Lynn Turber but she didn’t act alone in his homicide like many Cobb officials would love for everyone to believe but Randy Thompson was murdered for more than just. a little fe insurance policy because according to Parkman Thompson conducted a traffic stop in September of 1997 which resulted in a arrest and seizure of aroubd $3500 worth of meth belonging to Eric Rudolph and Benjie McRae but was consigned to Milton and Marilyn on front is another factor in Levi’s sacrifice.


      1. Law Enforcement more often than not assumes that any and all “tips” regarding cases like these aren’t serious because of people like you and it’s a crying shame you’ve elected to make a practice out of sharing such nonsense. You really ought to keep your imagination to yourself.

        May God grant justice in our time for this boy’s murder, Lord have mercy.


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