Levi Frady Billboard Goes Up Near Dawson County Sheriff’s Office

Less than one mile from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, a newly placed billboard hoovers high above Highway 53. It asks everyone who glances in its direction one simple question: Who Murdered Levi Frady? He was only eleven.

Dawson County has jurisdiction in the case because while Levi lived in Forsyth County, Georgia, his body was found in Dawson County — 19 miles from home.

Today, Oct. 22, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the day Levi Frady was shot three times, according to officials familiar with the case. Yet, the resources of four law enforcement agencies involved have been unable to solve this crime: the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Forsyth County, and Dawson County.

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6th grader Levi Frady of Forsyth County was murdered 20 years ago today

Consider this:

It took seven years for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to release a timeline in the boy’s murder.

While some news media and law enforcement treated the case as an “abduction” no one actually saw the boy being taken.

Levi made at least one 911 call in the days leading up to his murder, according to a former Forsyth County official who worked the case.

The last time Levi was seen alive in public was at 6:50 p.m., Oct. 22, 1997, when he was riding his red bicycle on Little Mill Road, less than one mile from his home.

According to GBI’s timeline, the following morning, Oct. 23, Levi’s grandfather finds Levi’s bicycle and takes it to Levi’s mother’s house, Marilyn Parkman. The family discusses the matter and decides to put the bicycle back before contacting law enforcement to report Levi missing.

A 2016 interview revealed the bicycle had been cleaned.

“There were no fingerprints on it, not even Levi’s,” said a former Dawson County Sheriff’s deputy who worked the case in 1997 with Sheriff Billy Carlisle. “It was wiped clean.”

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6 thoughts on “Levi Frady Billboard Goes Up Near Dawson County Sheriff’s Office

  1. I love you Janice. I’m sorry you still have no help with this.I know God has held you up all these years. It’s me Betty Jo we worked together at the greenhouse your in my prayers and I think about you alot.


  2. Somebody knows something! This little boy didn’t deserve to die like this.I hope the person that did this rots in hell! Sorry but anyone that would do this to a child, a child folks should Rot!


  3. Are you going to share what the 911 call was about? What has the new Dawson County Sheriff said about the investigation? Have you given thought to reaching out to Payne Lindsey and Phillip Holloway for publicity/help? They were instrumental in solving the Tara Grinstead murder with the Up and Vanished podcast and website.

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