GBI withholds murdered boy’s timeline for seven years

GBI Director Vernon Keenan refuses to tell the public why his agency kept secret for seven years a timeline of events in the murder of an 11-year-old, Forsyth County, Ga. boy named Levi Frady.

Further, Keenan uses agency personnel to respond to his emails rather than answer questions about the child’s murder himself.

“With regard to your question about why it took the GBI seven years to release a timeline of events to the public, please be advised that the GBI does not comment on open investigations,” wrote GBI Open Records Agent, Lisa Harris, in response to a May 26, 2016 request from

GBI pic 1
Forsyth County, Ga., murder victim, Levi Frady, 11

Frady was murdered Oct. 22, 1997. The case remains unsolved after 19 years.

Why does Keenan and GBI continue to hide behind “open investigation” to justify a seven year delay in releasing a timeline to the public? Is it corruption? Incompetence? Was the delay intentional? Is GBI protecting someone?

The taxpaying public deserves to know.

Frady’s aunt, Priscilla King, calls on Gov. Nathan Deal to take action.

“This website has exposed unimaginable irregularities within the Levi Frady murder investigation,” King wrote in an email on June 6, 2016.  “In 19 years, no agency has taken responsibility for the lack of action in this case. Now that Governor Deal, and leaders in law enforcement have been informed, perhaps he will conduct an inquiry and finally bring justice to our Levi.

GBI services cost taxpayers $174 million this year

GBI receives funding from state and federal programs to operate. This year, it received $121 million from Georgia and $30.5 million from federal funds. Another $23 million comes from “undisclosed sources,” according to the agency’s budget documents — bringing  its 2016 total budget to nearly $175 million.

Yet Keenan remains safely veiled behind a shroud of secrecy. He also refused to meet with to discuss potential new information in the case.

Keenan earns about $208,000 annually of taxpayer dollars, which does not include a retirement pension and benefits.

GBI claims to have two agents currently working the Levi Frady murder case. According to documents received by through an open records request, Agent Ryan Hilton, spent 185 hours, and Crime Scene Specialist Elaina Coffee spent 24 hours working on Frady’s murder. Hilton earns $97,905 annually, and Coffee earns $78,656. Their salaries are paid by Georgia taxpayers. However, no outside source can verify the hours claimed and no information is given about the tasks or activities the agents allegedly engaged in while working the case.

Does the public and Levi Frady’s family deserve to know? Post a comment or share your thoughts. 

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6 thoughts on “GBI withholds murdered boy’s timeline for seven years

  1. Unbelievable. Would the case be handled the same way if it were their child??? Seems so obvious of areas that should have already been investigated.
    A man that was wrongfully convicted 28 yrs ago has since been released from prison but yet such obvious potential evidence has not been pursued??? What will it take????
    Thank you to for stepping up and being a voice for this boy and family. It is too rare that anyone will take a stand any more for what should be right.
    I went to school with Levi’s mother from 7th through 12th grade and my son went to school with Levi through elementary school. This family lived very close to us. This could have been so many of us. If nothing else, the information supports that this could have been any of us…and still could be considering no one else in the position to do so will step up and DO what should have already been done and what still SHOULD BE DONE!


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