Letter from Levi

Dear Nanny,

I’m 25 years in Heaven, and you are always in my heart.
It’s so wonderful here; I made friends right from the start.

My greatest joy is talking to Noah and seeing all the animals from the ark.
Papa and all my older friends I had on earth are here and have made their mark.

There’s excitement in the air! Jesus’ birthday is coming and we’re all invited,
Not one of us in heaven would ever be slighted.

Nanny, we’ll sing and we’ll dance, we’ll eat and we’ll praise.
We’ll see his beautiful face so happy with us children, in only a few short days.

He’ll hug us and kiss us and show his love, like you did when I was playing Ode to Joy,
and you were cooking biscuits for me as a boy.

Each day I pray for others to welcome Him in,
To be open to life change, and repent of their sins.

I’ve been beside you Nanny, you know that I care.
I stay with you daily; you’re like breath of fresh air.

I see all your concerns, your worries, your frets.
Don’t worry, he’ll help you. He paid all the debts.

Your prayers will be answered; stay faithful and true.
Just watch and see what our God will do.

I’m aware of the hard times, where it seems gloom & doom.
Keep your eyes fixed on Heaven, he’s preparing your room.

He tells us quite clearly, they’ll be bumps in the road.
But his promises are such that he’ll lighten the load

Well, I’m off to the banquet soon, so don’t forget,
His presence is around you is like a safety net.

Nanny, I’m watching and waiting, he’ll tell me I’m sure,
When our time together will be forevermore.

Love you,

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the Frady family. Nearly 83,000 people have visited LeviFrady.com and viewed its pages more than 300,000 times.

During one of many occasions that I interviewed Sarah Frady, she said, “I hope I can find out who murdered my grandson before I die.” Please share this story widely on Twitter and Facebook. People have been silent too long.

Photo used with permission of the Frady family.

6 thoughts on “Letter from Levi

  1. So you think she should have just stayed out of it and let the case remain cold? This is the point – she created a fantasy in her head that she alone can solve this case. Why this boy over all the other cases of missing/murdered children all over GA, the Nation, and the World? This murder occurred long before she moved to the community and even the State of GA. At the deepest level this is not about Levi Frady -the murdered boy- it is about what the murder case in the Dawsonville community can do for her in terms of identity, connection, and being relevant – she is not. Early on in these blogs the family were correct….”Kimberly” is all about Kimberly. Do not listen to these blogs – you are only giving “supply” to a seriously disturbed personality disorder.


  2. The murder of this child is indeed very sad, and the family of this boy are, and will be haunted for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies involved in this case have received a terrible slant from these blogs. Their profilers have focused intensely on who may be responsible. But they have also profiled the author of these blogs and no doubt have pegged her as mentally ill. Most likely she is a border line, as in borderline personality disorder (BPD). There are subtypes of this disease, and one can see extraverted/externalizing dimensions of narcissism, antisocial behavior, and histrionic disorder on top of core BPD traits. The narcissism is obvious throughout, and especially as she points out the hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed. This is the narcissistic supply. Thinking that she alone can solve a complicated case like this and that law enforcement agencies are inept is a form of antisocial behavior in that she crosses boundaries. Histrionic behaviors can be sexually provocative, but in this case, it is more along the lines of thinking relationships are closer than they really are. She is not a member of law enforcement community.

    Some who interact with this person may notice self-centeredness and domineering behaviors. These subtypes are also classical adrenalin-stimulation junkies. They become bored easily, and especially with people, and quickly form and detach from relationships (idealize, devalue, discard). Unstable relationships are a hallmark feature of BPD, and this impacts relationships on all levels.

    One of the core issues with BPD is the lack of identity stability and the tendency to dissociate. It is likely that being a reporter and publisher gave her a sense of empowerment, a strong sense of identity with the community, and personal self-esteem. Once that title and position were gone, she was lost. There may have been a simultaneous relationship breakup, compounding the sense of identity loss. You can see the dissociation in rapid-fire blogs of early 2016, with the almost schizophrenic-like attention to random information. This is why the disease is called borderline, rather than full psychosis.

    Over the postings there is an association with someone who seems to be an older, rural, self-ordained “preacher”. Citing biblical scriptures is often a hint of strict upbringing in a fundamental branch of religion, such as Nazarene, Jehovah’s Witness, Southern Evangelical, and the like. Perhaps she is appealing to the rural religious community to inform her of any facts related to the case (this is manipulation, narcissism). To this point, the most recent posting of a poem from the deceased boy in heaven to his grandmother is all about emotion, appealing to the emotions of family and the community, and pure manipulation, not to mention sadly sick.

    A quote, “Megalomania is a mental illness. People with megalomania have delusional fantasies that they are more relevant (important) or powerful than they truly are. They have inflated self-esteem and overestimate their powers and beliefs”.


  3. Tell Laci to speak up because everyone knows it’s his stepfather enough of this shit. Your police enforcement are a fucking joke arrest him already.


      1. People have suspected someone in the family had something to do with it for a long time.

        The fact his twin sister stayed at school and Levi didn’t that day has always been something that didn’t make much sense among other holes in their story.


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