Who murdered Levi Frady?

Editor’s note: The feature image showing the likeness of Levi Frady in a rain-filled pit is not real. It is an artist’s rendition based on a detailed description given by Rev. Larry Kelly who found the boy’s body while he was hunting in Dawson Forest on October 23, 1997.

Today marks the 22nd year that four law enforcement agencies have failed to find the person who murdered 11-year-old Levi Frady and dumped his body in a rain-filled pit in Dawson Forest. Levi was shot three times–once in his upper body and twice in the head, according to authorities familiar with the case.

Since I began investigating Levi’s murder more than four years ago, I’ve been told it wasn’t safe for me to keep going back into Dawson Forest. I’ve been threatened with law suits. I’ve been stonewalled and lied to. But, I’ve also been handed envelopes with confidential documents.

As a career investigative journalist, and the former Editor-in-Chief of the Dawson News & Advertiser, I’ve interviewed dozens of law enforcement authorities who would lose their job for talking to me about Levi Frady. The case is still “open” preventing them from discussing it on the record.

I’ve seen grown men cry over the Frady case; a cousin’s heart has never healed, and two grandmother’s hearts are still broken.

One of Levi’s grandmothers keeps asking me, “Who would murder a little boy? He was just so sweet. Why would anyone want to hurt him?”  So, I made a promise to her that I would never stop investigating this case. “I hope I get to know who killed my grandson before I die,” she told me. I hope I can fulfill her desire.

It is difficult. Some of my own questions go unanswered.

God tells us to wait

Even though it has been 22 years, the community has had an unwavering faith in God. Their home is in Him. In Psalms 22, God tells the faithful to wait.

St. Matthew 19:13-15

Then were there brought

unto him little children, that

he should put His hands on them,

and pray: and the disciples rebuked


But Jesus said, Suffer little

children and forbid them not

to come unto me: for such is

the Kingdom of Heaven.

And he laid his hands on

them and departed thence.

St. Matthew 9:27-30

And when Jesus departed

thence, two blind men followed

him, crying, and saying, Thou

son of David, have mercy on us.

And when he was come into the house, the blind men came

to him: and Jesus saith unto

them, Believe yet that I am able

to do this? They said unto him,

Yea, Lord

Then He touched their eyes,

saying, according to your faith

be it unto you.

And their eyes were opened.

The community’s faith in Jesus is as great as the two blind men.

The Bible promises you that God will keep his word. 

Levi at Piano

Pslams 150 2-4

Praise Him for his mighty acts. Praise him with the sound

of the trumpet; praise him with the psaltery and harp.

Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with

stringed instruments and organs.

His murder leaves those who loved him wondering, what kind of musician would Levi, the man, have been today? Could he have been a great pianist? An inspiring minister? A husband, and a father?

Age progression picture of Levi Frady
Professional age progression showing Levi as he would look at age 30.

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14 thoughts on “Who murdered Levi Frady?

  1. I’ve tuned into the spirit realm to see what I could find about this case.

    His last words were: “You MUST bury me.” He also gave a name: Peter. And kept saying Peter. Last name was inaudible.

    I hope it helps.


    1. Maybe you can do something useful… Go tune into the spirit world and ask Epstein who was responsible for him suiciding himself… While you’re there find out if Biggie really shot Pac or not… When you get back please get a refill on your meds… Hope that helps


  2. Was his mom dating anyone and if so were they looked into?? Nothing in this case makes sense and how it’s been swept under the rug is odd especially since his case is the reason for the Georgia version of the amber alert. I pray for peace comfort understanding and justice.


  3. Thank you for all your hard work!! I pray you never give up! When you have done all you can do, Stand and wait on God. I was an EMT with Forsyth County during 1982 through 1997. I know Lynn Payne and David Bennett as well as Hal Gentry, Bruce Hood. They also worked for Forsyth County Sheriff’s office. Have you ever questioned them? I don’t know if they know anything, when I worked for Forsyth County EMS, they knew everything David and Lynn were doing. Very tight people! I pray all the time for Levi’s murderer to be found!! Billy Carlisle is crooked as the day is long. I can’t prove that, but working as I did with all these men you hear rumors. Please don’t give up. Never tell these men that I mentioned that I told their names!!! Just trying to give you some ideas!! Thank you, why did the mother move the bike and put it back? Why couldn’t these grown men but their agencies aside and work together? Pride does come before a fall! I am trying to remember dates, I do know that Lynn Payne was arrested for molesting young boys. Well, like I said These agencies took care of their own!!


    1. Do you realize that your name and your comment are public for everyone to see? Just wondering since you asked that the person running this site never tell them what you said about them.

      My name may show, too. I’m a Frady but don’t know the family at all and have never met them. I heard about Levi in the news back in 1997 and have never forgotten what happened to him. It’s horrifying. I have a daughter the same age as Levi would be. It’s so sad that he died so tragically and so young. My daughter is married now with 3 children. What would Levi be doing with his life now if someone hadn’t stolen all of that from him? I found this site on the internet and came here to see if there was anything new in his case. This needs to be resolved so this child can rest in peace and his family can have some sort of peace. I can’t imagine losing a child. I can’t even comprehend losing a child in such a horrific manner and my heart goes out to his family. Praying for Levi and the Frady family always. May justice be done for Levi soon!


      1. My name is Michelle
        I have been working on trying to make a connection in the 2 cases
        My number is(678) 251-6188


  4. I often say that had Levi not been taken from us he could have changed the whole world. This ugly world we live in today could have been changed by the purest heart and soul I’ve ever seen… But someone took him from all of us.

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