Case of Murdered Forsyth County Boy Remains Unsolved, 21 Years Later

An 11-year-old Forsyth County, Georgia boy named Levi Frady was murdered Oct. 22, 1997. This week marks the 21st anniversary of his murder. The case remains unsolved.

Law enforcement statements confirm the child was shot three times, once in the chest and twice in the head. Levi’s body was found the following day, Oct. 23, partially submerged, face-up, in a rain-filled pit in Dawson Forest Wildlife Management area. Four law enforcement agencies, including the FBI have been unable to solve the boy’s murder.

What law enforcement likely didn’t know was that Levi had started attending church.


A minister close to the family said that, “Levi was a boy who had decided he wanted to do something for the Lord, and that he wanted to put his musical talents to work in the church for the glory of God. He was learning the Bible.

“He had a strong understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s good and what’s bad,” the minister said. “And there must have been something very bad happening in his life.”

A Forsyth County Sheriff’s captain confirmed Frady called 911 twice in the weeks leading up to his murder. Yet, law enforcement has never released transcripts of the calls.

The minister then reflected that Levi was destined to do something great for the Lord, and that someone murdered this little child of God. This certainly has angered God, he said, and did you know Levi’s church in Forsyth County later closed its doors? And this surely angered God even more.

The Minister then opened his Bible and read Matthew 18:1-7.

1At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whosoever shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.

But whosoever shall offend one of these little ones — which believe in me — it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must be that offenses come; but woe to that person from whom the offenses come!

The minister paused, closed his Bible, and placed his hand upon it.

“And to all those who have knowledge of those offenses,” he said.

levi pic for go fund me

A professional artist’s rendering of how Levi Frady would have looked today.


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9 thoughts on “Case of Murdered Forsyth County Boy Remains Unsolved, 21 Years Later

  1. Please excuse the errors and grammar in my other comment but the suspect in the Patrick Balt(h)azar suspect is none other than Daniel Hughes formerly of Kings Leathercraft of Murphy, NC and suspect in the 2015 murder of Terry Owenby. I suspect he and former Radio Shack owner pedophile Doug McRae to be the two whom actually carried out the assassination of Levi Frady.
    As far as the Sgt Glenn Turner Murder is I am one of three eye witnesses against Sgt Turner and his fellow officers in the 1991 murder of Cheryl Underwood who went under the alias Kris Miller but remains on the GBI website as unidentified remains. We also suspect that Sgt Turner May have been the second police officer murdered by members of the Cobb Police Department as well as involved in the 1992 disappearance of Bridget Clodfelter since both she and Kris Underwood frequented the Buck Board Sallin formerly located at the corner of Cobb Pkwy and Windy Hill where Sgt Turner, Lynn Womack and other police officers hung out as well as the Crystal Palace in Atlanta formerly Stuart Avenue.
    We have reason to suspect that Lynn did not act alone in the murder of her husband Sgt Turner but there’s no doubt in our mind that Randy Thompson was not involved in Glenn’s murder because he as well was murdered with ethylene glycol as well and would have recognized the symptoms thus we believe Lynn did act alone in Thompson’s murder for the insurance money from his policy.
    I somewhat hold my older brother partly responsible for Levi’s murder because after being told about the listening and tracking devices he started getting loud with me during the conversation stating he was supportive of the Omlahoma City and Centennial Park Bombings and was not going to convey my message to Agent Vincent.
    It was Matt McRae who advised me days after Levi’s murder that they were responsible for Levi’s murder and Matt stated to be in possession of the murder weapon.
    After the confrontation with Eric Rudolph September 19, 1999 in Eastern Cherokee County I received other confirmations of Doug and Daniel Hughs and the klan involvement in the Atlanta Child Murders and anyone can google this information on the 2015 murder of my friend Terry Owenby.
    I suspect the appointment my manager provided was a fake appointment to lure me to the Frady’s neighbor and the witness seen going door to door was a Electrolux Representative from the Gainesville Electrolux Branch snd him sent going door to door means it was a bum appointment.
    Eric Rudolph and Matt McRae attempted to blow up the FBI in Mobile 15 minutes after Joey Davis set off the bomb at the abortion office in Birmingham and later drove Eric’s truck back to Murphy.
    The evidence I have against Sgt Turner is also evidence against current GBI Director Vic Reynolds and top brass of the Cobb County government which clearly defines Cobb government as a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.
    Andy Etheridge was convicted in 2005 for 3 counts of 1st degree sodomy on a child less than 10 years of age and due to Rudolph & Co foiling that investigation charges from that case can be added to their charges.
    In 1992 I transferred from Canton Electrolux to a Pensacola in order to avoid becoming a murder victim of Sgt Turner and his thugs with badges.
    During my divorce in 1996 I could not return to Cobb Cohnty to reside with my mother so I resorted transferring to the Murphy, North Carolina Branch on July 22, 1996. After Radio Shack found out my daughters birthday they decided to hit Centennisl Park on the 27th instead of the 25th during the Kenney Rogers performance in hopes of framing me.
    Therefore witnesses and documents in these cases speak for themselves. I cannot receive any reward for resolving the cases because it’s part of my job so it is what it is.


  2. According to Oklahoma City and Otherside Lounge bomber and attempted bomber of the FBI Mobile, Alabama that he and the Army of God had Levi Frady murdered in hopes of framing me for it due to a attempt to get my older brother whom resided in Suches, Georgia in 1997 near GBI Chief Investigator Ron Vincent and his wife.
    Radio Shack of Murphy, NC had ultra sensitive bug and trafficking device planted on my vehicle since they failed to successfully frame me for the Centennial Park bombing and the fake attack on Oklahoma City and Centennial Park bomber Mike Cooks wife Rhonda two weeks after the Olympic bombing.
    Prior to the attack on the Northside Family Planning Services building I was called into Radio Shack which was next to my office Electrolux by Doug McRae stating the boys inside wanted to talk to me referring to Jeff Livingston another employee of Radio Shack and his nephew Matt and Eric Rudolph. During this conversation Livingston did not participate in the discussion but Doug, Matt and Eric did and confessed to being responsible for the Oklahoma City and Centennial Park Bombings. They also advised me they had already had tracking device and ultra sensitive listening device placed in my vehicle, another listening device in the managers office of the Waffle King where I visited my good friend General manager Dennis Hegwood neighbor of the Cook family and employer and neighbor and cross dresser and bomber of the New Womens Healthcare clinic Joey Davis and his dad Willard also employed as manager of the Waffle King and good friend of mine. They advised me they were in the process of bugging the back part of my office but were not able to bug the front area nor service department but already had our phones bugged so in the event I made any attempts to make any contacts with law enforcement they would know it and would murder my entire family and GBI Agent Ron Vincent whom live within two miles of my older brother in Suches, Georgia at that time.
    During this conversation they revealed their intended target to be a abortion clinic in Sandy Sorings the following week, a gay bar a couple of weeks after that, then a abortion clinic and the FBI in Mobile on the same morning, NC Carolina Governors Office the following Monday then either the federal courthouse or Town Center Mall in Raleigh a few days to 14 days after blowing up the governors office. They were not certain when they were going to hit the FBI Knoxville office and a shopping mall in Chattanooga on the same day but intended to hit Six Flags and Cumberland Mall on the 4th of July 1998 in which they expected my cooperation in helping them personally help them in those particular attacks.
    After this conversation I did return to my office and immediately contacted the FBI Atlanta office and reported the conversation, intended targets and their goal of overthrowing the Us Governmet by a racial civil conflict combined with a revolution to achieve total anarchy. Why? Do they and Doug ZmcRae could rape children with impunity.
    Around October 19, 1997 I attempted to convince my older brother at his home in Suches of getting word to Agent Vincent regarding my inabilities to get word to him and other authorities due to Matt ZmcRae snd Eric Rudolph following me to the House off of Ponce de Leon Ave and listening to my discussion with federal agents the week after the Sandy Springs Bombing thus causing to only be able to discussed the Sgt Glenn Murder case and the Andy Etheridge oedophilia case in Evervreen, Alabama.
    On the day of Levi Frady’s Murder my branch manager gave me a appointment in Cumming, Georgia that he persisted me in running and due to his overly persistence I agreed to run it but wound up traveling to Ellijay, Georgia and contacted the Gainesville, Electrolux branch and turned the appointment over to them to run as I worked in Elijah that day selling machines.
    Three days after the discovery of Levi’s body Matt McRae advised me that they were the ones responsible for his murder due to my attempt to persuade my brother in contacting agent Vincent and if any more attempts to contact authorities the would plant the gun in my vehicle to frame me for his murder.
    I wound saving the lives of a woman’s children whom was good friends with militia leader Nord Davis and managed to arrange meetings with his men without Rafio Shack finding out. They removed the bug from the Waffle King office while we falsely blamed it on Joey Davis allegedly working with the police to bust drug dealers who regularly conducted business there and the Saturday prior to the Alabama attacks Nords guys transferred to bug and tracking devices from my vehicle to a produce delivery truck which ran its route while I drove to Suches to Agent Vincent’s residence and made my report to him so it was he whom helped me foil the attack on the FBI and permanently put a end to Rudolph & Companies reign of terror.
    The 21 year run provided by NC Gonor James Hunt and myself you the Terrorist Organization has expired. The night of Jsnuary 28, 1997 I brides agent Vincent and then assistant Director of the GBI Vernon Keenum the details of the activities in Murphy that day and the deal we made to get the truck bomb out of Murphy after Matt ZmcRae returned to Murphy with which he oicked the rest parking lot of my office to pull into. Hundreds of spectators were lined on the western stretch of Hwy 74 and infront of our businesses and Matt had intended to set off the bomb during the arrival of the FBI that afternoon.
    I have already turned over murder suspect Daniels mug shot and information to the Fulton County and Dekslb County detectives since he matches the police sketch of the murder suspect in the 1981 slaying of 11 year old Patrick Bslt(h)azar.
    During the brief at agent Vincents residence I advised the GBI that Matt McRae stayed his Organization was responsible for Levi’s murder.
    At first I had doubts to Doug McRae and Danny Hughes’s involvement in the Atlanta due to admissions out of Doug but verificationn on Nd our Eric Rudolph’s former supporters and those giving him aid confirmed their and klan involvement in the Atlanta Child Murders and Hughes’s mug shot proves it.


  3. Sincere apologies to anyone offended by the comment left back in March related to the family name of Trammel. I strongly suspect this was from a very disturbed conspiracy freak young student and self-proclaimed sleuth. After I sharing and boasting with a class room of students on the writing and investigative reporting talents of Kimberly Boim, and used the unsolved Levi Frady murder case as an example, this particular student dove into google and other sites, and came up with a very strange and delusional association with the Trammel family. Only recently did I see the posting after wanting to see where the case was near the October anniversary. I never thought that such delusional thoughts would be posted online. May there be peace and love within the Frady family and all those continued to be haunted by the tragic murder of young and innocent Levi. I agree with one of the other posts that, because of DNA evidence and other investigative techniques, those responsible will be identified. Kim, keep eyes and hearts on this. Continue to tell Levi’s story.


  4. Hope the killer is running scared. Cold cases from 40+ years ago being solved with the DNA and genealogy data bases. I’m sure it won’t be long now.

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  5. Trammel. Where was Tommy Trammel, or other Trammels that day and time period? The reporter lady may have been influenced to continue this story line. From the movie “silence of the lambs”, what do we covet? We covet what we see every day, and close by.


  6. He would have been a truly amazing person for the world to have today… full of love and kindness and putting others before himself… he had a nack for bringing people together… he was such a good soul… I still miss him so

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    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin and best friend….. this case has remained in my heart and mind since the day it happened. My daughter was only a couple of months younger than Levi, and my son was a little older. Such a tragic loss. I pray that Levi’s killer will be brought to justice! God bless you and yours.


  7. Thank you Kimberly for keeping Levi’s story in the public view.
    We, his family, will never forget him or stop missing him.
    Maybe someday Law Enforcement Agencies responsible for investigating this brutal murder of an innocent, loving little boy will at last prioritize Levi and ensure the killer/killers are punished .

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